Is This Bloke The Unluckiest Triple M Listener OF ALL TIME?

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Is This Bloke The Unluckiest Triple M Listener OF ALL TIME?

Our '$40K Kick For Victory' was a massive hit on Sunday at the Showdown, with old mate Forbsey winning himself a cool $20,000 - but what if he never got the chance?

A story arose today about possibly the unluckiest Triple M listener of all time.

To be in with the chance to have a crack at our $40k Kick, Triple M listeners had to listen for their name to be called out over the radio, then call us back within 30 minutes.

Arborist Dean Weekly not only missed his name being called out once, he missed it THREE TIMES.

The first time Deano missed out he was huddled in some branches escaping the pouring rain at work and couldn't hear his phone.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I heard [that my name had been called out],” Dean told The Advertiser. “and I really couldn’t believe that instead of being in the truck where I should have been, listening to the radio and waiting for the rain to pass, I was out, there, working in the wet.”

A week later we tried ringing him again, and for the second time Deano missed out, even after his dad rang him and told him of his fortune. 

The likelihood of this actually happening is slim to none as our winners are selected at random, and with over 2000 entries for our 40K Kick, there's no way the same person could be rung (and missed our calls) twice, let alone a THIRD TIME.

But guess what? It did, and for the third time Deano missed his chance. 

This time Dean's dad was driving home to Adelaide form Melbourne and was listening to Triple M Adelaide via the app on a slight delay, but by the time he rang Dean to let him know of his fortune (again), he had missed out on the half hour time period. 

Surely he has to be the luckiest/unluckiest Triple M listener of all time.

Triple M Adelaide Content Director, Matt O'Reilly said "Some would say he’s unlucky. I’d say he’s very lucky to have his name drawn out three times”

“I urge him to keep listening to Triple M. We have some great competitions coming up so hopefully his luck changes”