Nurses Demand Ratios At Gosford Hospital

Claim patient care is suffering.

Nurses Demand Ratios At Gosford Hospital

Nurses and midwives from Gosford Hospital banded together at the town's golf club yesterday, demanding the state government increase the number of positions they fund in each profession.

They're calling for one nurse for every four patients in every hospital across NSW, and one for every three patients in Emergency.

The Patient Ratio campaign is being rolled out statewide.

Pediatric Nurse Kerry McNolty says they also want at least one nurse on each shift to be in charge of admin roles and nothing else, which would help the rest of the team do their jobs more effectively.

"The Nurses at Gosford Hopsital are fantastic, it's just we need more of them," Ms McNolty said.

"Most of the Hospital at the moment is actually being run by casual nurses. When you've got someone who predominantly does adults and they come to nurse children, it's completely different."

"So that person in charge would be guiding those casuals as well."

Ms McNolty says more nurses could mean the difference between patients getting better or sicker during their stay in hospital.

"When you put a cannula in an adult to give them antibiotics or IV fluid, it'll just take a doctor. With a child, you can have two doctors and two nurses off the floor for up to an hour, (so) those patients the other two nurses are looking after, there's no one looking after them for that hour."

Our carers also want newborn babies to be counted as patients.

Currently mother and the child are considered the one patient, and the Union claims this leads to hospitals rostering less midwives than are needed to give appropriate care.

Midwives say their workloads have increased further in recent years because babies being born at 35 weeks are now being cared for in regular maternity wards, rather than in intensive care.