Coffs Coast Drivers Getting Hit at the Bowser

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Coffs Coast Drivers Getting Hit at the Bowser

Coffs Coast motorists are expected to get hit at the bowser with prices skyrocketing.

As of lunch time on Monday, some petrol stations are charging up to almost $1.47 per litre for Unleaded 91.

The general range across the coast has the cheapest at the Liberty at Boambee, while the Jetty Village Servo is charging 126.9.

According to the Petrol Spy website, the highest prices are at the Caltex in Orlando Street at 146.8 for U91, while the Shell Coles Express at Emerald Beach at 145.9 for Unleaded 91, and 166.9 for Unleaded 98.

One motorist was shocked at the difference in price, after the price of Unleaded 98 was 14 cents a litre cheaper at the BP South Coffs Harbour Centre, compared the the BP Petrol station on the same highway in the centre of town.

Check out some of the fuels prices below around the Coffs Coast:

  • BP Central Coffs – 142.9 (E10), 156.9 (U95), 165.9 (U98)
  • United Coffs Harbour Drive – 142.7 (E10), 144.7 (U91), 162.7 (U98)
  • BP South Coffs – 134.9 (U91), 144.9 (U95), 151.9 (U98)
  • Caltex Woolgoolga – 126.9 (U91)

(Prices current at 2:27pm 9/1/2017 according to