Man Rows From Coffs Harbour to New Zealand for Wife

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Man Rows From Coffs Harbour to New Zealand for Wife

The massive task that is conquering the Tasman Sea will become reality for one Cairn tree lopper.

Malcolm Skelton, 44, will put 2 years of preparation behind him today, should the weather be favourable to depart from Coffs Harbour around 11am, bound for New Plymouth in New Zealand.

Speaking about the journey with Triple M’s Moffee, he said, “it’s nerves, it’s excitement, it’s a broad spectrum of emotions at the moment”.

Initially Mr Skelton will need to get as far away from the coast as possible, heading directly east for the first 250 to 300km, before turning southeast towards New Zealand.

The goal is to raise money for Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare degenerative disease that his wife Sarah suffers from.

The Cairns man hopes to reach New Plymouth in 50 days, which would see him become the fastest person to row the Tasman.

He said he would be an emotional moment when his 7 metre boat, called Sarah J, is launched into the water at Coffs Harbour.

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