Truckies Blasting Air Horns in Ulmarra Again!

See vision here!

Truckies Blasting Air Horns in Ulmarra Again!

Ulmarra locals are fed up with some truckies heading through their village blasting their air horns again.

The Australian Trucking Association have released footage on their Facebook page highlighting just what some drivers are doing at all hours of the night.

In the vision you hear a constant blasting of an air horn before you see the trucks heading through the town.

It’s not the first time this has happened.

NSW Police took action only a month ago after numerous complaints from residents about truck drivers deliberately using heavy compression brakes, and blasting their horns during the night.

In a statement on social media, the Australian Trucking Association said, “Truckies driving through Ulmarra are continuing to make us look bad, as horn blowing in the area has kicked off again”.

“This kind of stupid behaviour gives the industry a bad name and tarnishes the reputation of those out there trying to do the right thing”, it said.