iPhones, iPads and… iCars?

Yep, you heard right

iPhones, iPads and… iCars?

Apple is a huge company and they are one of the giants of the tech industry. There are over 700 million iPhones currently in use around the world (I don’t even want to think how much money that equates to for Apple). Despite their size the tech company are always looking to innovate and expand with their iconic brand and very shortly, you may be inside, driving along, your own iCar!

You can picture it now, a white, basic design thing.

Apple has been designing, construction and testing their motorcars for a few years now and have recently doubled the number of self-driving cars in California to 55 intelligent road-worthy machines. The number was 27 in January. At this rate Americans can expect to be overrun by these smart cars by the end of 2020.

Of course what takes off in America inevitably blossoms in Australia!

Right now Apple aren’t allowed to let the iCars loose without human supervision but their hoping that within the next six months testing will prove that these driverless cars will be competent and safe enough for our roads.

Apple aren’t the big leaders in this field, GM Cruise have over one hundred driverless cars roaming around California. Tesla and Drive.Ai are behind Apple but are also working on the technology.

The biggest hurdle that these tech companies need to overcome is the perceived safety issues. Assigning ‘morals’ to the car can be difficult especially in some circumstances that the technology may face. For example, two children run out onto the middle of the road. The driverless car has time to swerve, but in doing so it will hit an elderly couple. So, what is the car to do? It’s scenarios like these that have designers scratching their heads.

Needless to say the technology is coming and the manufacturers are scrambling to get their driverless cars onto the market before the others.

Let’s just hope the iCar windscreen doesn’t break as easily as their iPhone screens!