Its Official - Increase in Crime

Figures In to Back up Increase

Its Official - Increase in Crime

If you have been engaged in Social Media for the last few months you may have thought we were under an increase in crime - Well now its official and the Stats are in to back it up. Something that cannot be commented on unless figures or stats are provided. Which is why City Leaders have previously said that there is no increase

Kalgoorlie Boulder Crime for this Financial Year is up 19%. This figure is taken from reports to Police and from offences committed. The peak of the increase came from August, September and October 2016. Superintendent of Police Goldfields Esperance Region Darryl Gaunt spoke to Glenney on 981 Triple M about the Mid Financial Year Figures.

Key Points:

A big chunk of offences and charges are additional drug charges laid

Domestic Violence continues to increase

Significant increase in Disorderly Conduct Charges

A lot of charges emanated out of the Riot on August 

Superintendent Gaunt also added "The District (Goldfields Esperance Region) is Travelling Well Crime Wise"

"The last three months we have been gradually going down in crime"

The Hear the chat with the Superintendent click below.