Loophole closed to stop skyscraper approval

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Loophole closed to stop skyscraper approval
Moves have been made to allay concerns that proposed "call in" laws in the State Government's Major Project Legislation, could be used to streamline the approval process for skyscrapers.

Minister for Planning and Local Government Peter Gutwein said "The Government has been clear: the draft laws make certain that sky scrapers can’t be considered as part of the major projects framework as we believe decisions about building heights are best made by the local community through their local council".

The subsections relating to tall building have been redrafted, with a project to be ineligible to be declared a major project, if it’s to be used for residential accommodation.

Hotels, motels, apartments or otherwise are also included under this.

While offices over the height of the local planning scheme have been deemed ineligible under the changes proposed changes to the legislation.

Anyone who wants to share their view on the draft laws has until 29 January to make a submission.

The draft laws can be found online here: http://planningreform.tas.gov.au/updates/major-projects-reforms-invitation-to-comment