One Of Melbourne’s Most Iconic Kebab Shops Has Closed After A Stoush With The Local Church

A sad day

One Of Melbourne’s Most Iconic Kebab Shops Has Closed After A Stoush With The Local Church Image: Flickr/Alpha

Brunswick boozers will have one less late night option after iconic Sydney Road eatery Town Hall Kebabs was forced out of its home, according to Tom Cowie in The Age.

The owner, Ahmed Abou Ahmed, had been entangled in an ultimately losing fight with the local Anglican church after they purchased the property that the kebab van was on for $2.8 million last year.

Ahmed was initially given a six-month lease to continue serving his food that was extended for another month until March this year, before a chat with the local vicar that Ahmed said brought about a verbal agreement for him to have a three-year lease.

However the church said that never happened, and this week the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal sided with them and ordered Town Hall Kebab — who were once famously visited by Anthony Bourdain and Matt Preston — off the land.

Ahmed says that he was first told he could stay on the land, but then had his rent tripled and was targeted by the church sending in food inspectors that cost him significant fines.

For their part, the church say they want to develop the land into community space and that Ahmed had been squatting on the land and owed them $20,000 in unpaid rent.

Christ Church warden Arian Nye also said that the food inspectors were investigating the van before the church bought the land and that the legal fight had been expensive.

"People think the church is flush with funds. To be blunt, we do not have the money to say this is a funny little incident," he said to the Age.

"We're deep in debt because he's been a squatter. We're entitled to be slightly more hostile than we are."

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