Victoria Police Complain Their Pants Keep Splitting At The Crotch

'Poor overall quality.'

Victoria Police Complain Their Pants Keep Splitting At The Crotch (Image: Getty)

Victoria Police is trying to arrest a new problem: the quality of their officers' pants.

Members of the police have complained that their pants are of poor quality and splitting at the crotch, as well as causing sweatiness and discomfort.

Victoria Police has reportedly been forced to issue pants with a reinforced crotch, and members of the police have even resorted to supplying their own pants.

“Members have reported that the pants are ill fitting and of poor overall quality," Police Association Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt told the Herald Sun.

“Our members tell us that the cut of the pants limit their movement when they are ­required to execute some of the defensive techniques they are trained to perform, and are particularly limiting when they are required to complete routine policing tasks, such as jumping fences.

“Many have reported that the pants split at the crotch easily and are particularly prone to do so when executing a common arrest technique.”

Police spokeswoman Sophie Jennings said the police was aware of the issue and trying to remedy it.

“Victoria Police is aware of a small number of cases in which issues have arisen with police-issue operational trousers, worn by frontline members,’’ she told the Herald Sun.

“In response to the issues raised Victoria Police has issued trousers with a strengthened crotch seam and is planning a trial of an updated women’s size range.”