Wil Anderson Reflects On Eurydice Dixon's Death As Vigil Planned In Her Memory

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Wil Anderson Reflects On Eurydice Dixon's Death As Vigil Planned In Her Memory Supplied

Triple M’s Wil Anderson has reflected on the death of 22-year-old Eurydice Dixon as the city mourns her death.

Ms Dixon had just finished a gig making people laugh at the CBD's Highlander Bar on Tuesday night, but she never made it home.

The 22-year-old's body was found by a passer-by in Princes Park at North Carlton about 3am Wednesday. 

Wil said her death has shaken the Melbourne comedy community:

“It was a pretty tough day for our community to be honest – it was a tough day for Melbourne. Particularly for women and young women who know what it’s like to be terrified walking home at night.

He said he related to her story wholeheartedly: 

“I didn’t know Eurydice Dixon, I didn’t know her but I know what it’s like to be a 22-year-old stand-up comedian living in that part of the world" 

“In 1996 I was 22-years-old and I lived in North Carlton and I was at that stage of the career that she was at – you do stand up gigs all over town and you’re making no money out of it and you do it ‘cause you love it and you love the idea of making people laugh for a living. I know that feeling of walking home after a show so excited. You’re young, you’re just embarking on this thing you want to do in your life.”

“I’ve been doing this job for as long as she’s been alive. It’s taken me all over the world and it’s taken me back to Melbourne. She doesn’t get to have any of that, she’s had it stolen from her. This life and this fun and all the opportunities she could have had.”

“It makes me sad that women in this city can’t feel safe walking alone.”

A vigil has also been planned in Princes Park where Ms Dixon was found, with almost 2000 people already expressing interest already.

Her attacker, 19-year-old Jaymes Todd has appeared in court after handing himself in to police, he has been remanded in custody to reappear in the same court on October 3.

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