Accused Drug Mule's Family Asks Channel 9 For $1 Mil

Cash for tell all interview

Accused Drug Mule's Family Asks Channel 9 For $1 Mil

The family of accused drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury have reportedly asked for a million dollars to tell the story of the 22 year old, who's wound up in a Colombian prison on drugs charges. 

It's been reported Channel 9 won the race to secure an exclusive deal, with talk the company has now signed a contract and would pay for Cassie's sister, Khala, and mum, Lisa Evans, to fly to Bogota.

Details have now emerged about just how much cash the family are hoping to pocket for their story - apparently, a million dollars. 

Channel 9 is refusing to give details about any deals, but media reports today quote a 'source close to negotiations' who said the agreement was "eye-watering". 

Cassie Sainsbury has been behind bars in Colombia since April 11, when she was caught with almost 6 kilos of cocaine in her luggage. 

The drugs, worth more than $2 million, were concealed in 18 plastic packages. Cassie told lawyers she thought the packages were headphones she planned to give away at her upcoming wedding.