Fantastico! A Mayor In Italy Wants To PAY YOU To Live Over There

He's put up big bucks

Fantastico! A Mayor In Italy Wants To PAY YOU To Live Over There

Pic: vivatuscanytours

Imagine spending your days stuffing your guts with authentic Italian pizza, pasta and red wine while being surrounded by picturesque landscapes and the clean mountain air.

An Italian mayor wants to make that dream your reality quick sticks.

The mayor of medieval village Bormida, Daniele Galliano, is offering $3000 AUD to anyone willing to permanently move to his beautiful little town to help repopulate the area.

To sweeten the deal, he wants to offer housing for as little as $74 a month.

Bormida, less than 2 hours from the amazing beach side tourist heaven of Sanremo and very close to the French border, has a population of just 394 people with many of their younger residents moving to the cities to find work.

The village is 490m above sea level, some studies have suggested you're less likely to be obese living that high up so that leaves even more room for pasta. YES!


The call out for people was made just a few days ago and Galliano's had a massive response.

"We saw a great request for people to live in Bormida, in just two days we've reached our goal [of applicants]," he said on his Facebook page.