That Classic '80s Perth TVC Debunked

What A Classic!!!

That Classic '80s Perth TVC Debunked

Anyone who lived in #Perth around the ‘80s can probably still recite all the words to all the songs from those Channel 9 Community Service ads.


Well, some clever #Perth Redditor has solved a mystery that most of us probably never actually noticed, but now it’s been revelealed, our tiny little minds are blown.

The question: Why is a stick of butter playing the piano? This guy…


Well, it turns out, according to Redditor Geminii27, is that the stick of butter, representing fats, is a tip of the hat to famous jazz pianist Fats Domino.

Comment from discussion Australian Nostalgia.


Whilst we’re on this classic, classic ad, there’s something else we’ve just picked up. In the song, they refer to 6 main nutrients… yet they only list 5.

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Fats
  3. Protein
  4. Minerals
  5. Water

Have we missed something?

Either way, the ad (well, ads) remain an absolute classic and a highlight for any kid growing up in little old Perth in the ‘80s.



We may be biased but we reckon this ad should still be shown today. Its message about healthy eating and the fact that Mum knows, is spot on in our book ;)


Written by: @dantheinternut


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