It's Wow Wednesday!

Everything Is Orange!

It's Wow Wednesday!

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You might be seeing a lot of orange around today and it’s for a very special reason!

Today is Wear Orange Wednesday to support our fantastic SES volunteers.

These are the dedicated group of volunteers that donate their time and skills to help us when things get tough.

They’re the ones who help when a tree falls over and blocks our street, they help us sandbag when there’s a flood risk, they help us tarp our homes when we need it most – and they’re involved in preparing for, and responding to, many different types of disasters and emergencies.

We love our SES and there’s some great ways you can get involved in Wear Orange Wednesday.

The first step is to throw on your best orange gear.

Then, take a photo and share using #thankyouses and #wowday.

Then, change your Facebook cover and profile pics with some cool images located on their official WOW website.

If you want to know more about the SES or how you can become an Townsville SES member visit the Townsville City Council SES page here.