Road Works Maintenance Set To Close Castle Hill Road Next Week

Don't get caught!

Road Works Maintenance Set To Close Castle Hill Road Next Week

Unless you're hitting the hill before the sun rises, or after workies- you'll miss out on the hill-impacted-leg-aches next week. 

The heart of Townsville, Castle Hill will heading into maintenance mode next week for some road works to be carried out. 

Castle Hill Road will be closed to pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists from 6:30am-4pm everyday between 12 - 16 November due to maintenance road works.

BUT you can still get the gains by trekking the tracks around the hill!

Walking tracks that will still be available at this time include:
• Goat Track – Access granted for entire track both directions. No access granted to Castle Hill Road for complete downhill decent. Only road access between top of track and summit carpark. 
• Cudtheringa Track – Walkers entering into the lower carpark closure area will be guided onto the track. Once on Goat Track a controller will be guiding them from road to summit section of the road as per Goat Track above.
• Maiden Hair Track – Access granted for this track via the Goat Track to the summit as per Goat Track above.


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