Interstate Life Saver Helps Drowning Man In WA's SouthWest

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Interstate Life Saver Helps Drowning Man In WA's SouthWest

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Across the holiday period, there have been countless news stories on drownings happening right across the country.

One such event occurred in Margaret River last week where a man travelling from Switzerland had to be rescued from the ocean.

The lucky man can thank a lifesaver holidaying from Melbourne who came to his rescue.

Paul Larcher was at Redgate Beach with his family when he saw the man face down in the water.

He swam out, dragged him to the shore with the help of others, then successfully applied CPR and the man was able to breath again.


Earlier today, Blackers for Breakfast caught up with Laurie Lawrence, former Australian swimming coach and founder of World Wide Swim School to discuss the recent spate of drownings around the country.

"I can't put a finger on it," Mr. Lawrence said. "It's the hot weather, we know that summer is drowning season."

In general, Mr. Lawrence was surprised how many people don't know how to swim despite still getting out into the water in many ways.

"It surprises me the number of adults that get in a fishing boat and go fishing without life jackets who can't swim. This is a tragedy".