It's Not Easy Being Green

A New Call To Legalize Weed

It's Not Easy Being Green

Some of the first words I spoke out loud this morning were "yer right" which came as soon as I saw the Greens leader Richard Di Natale calling for legalization of marijuana not for medicinal use but adult recreational use in Australia.

I should say from the get go I can understand the rational put forward, I've discussed it with him previously on Triple M but that doesn't mean it's going to happen.

Yes, the "war on drugs" is probably lost, yes it could be regulated and taxed, yes, thousands of people have to interact with shady or criminal elements on a semi regular basis to gain supply, and yes, I believe in some people marijuana can be a gateway drug to other much worse situations.

However just the fact that apparently thousands of Australians think it should be legalized and do in fact partake does not at this point make it right, or legal.

Richard Di Natale is a doctor who has worked in the area of drug treatment and has spoken previously about harm minimisation, whether that be regulating quality or not saddling young people with a criminal record for having a toke.

He says, put it to a national plebicite and it would pass by a big majority as so many people are using marijuana now.

That also does not make it OK.

Let's also not forget that a Greens policy is all well and nice but they don't have to form a government so they can ask that the sun doesn't have to come up on a Thursday and it will never have to be put into legislation.

The Government has been swift to denounce the idea, which was always going to happen as even if the Health Minister thinks it's at least worth considering and discussing the Opposition then has a giant hammer to hit them over the head.

So nothing happens and my guess is that in the next years it won't.

There is much to consider in the argument, I will be astounded though if this has any legs in the news cycle after today.