Well That Was An Interesting Weekend

The Good The Bad And The Very Ugly

Well That Was An Interesting Weekend

I survived another camping trip, sort of.

Yep, that's my fat ankle and on the right is the magnificent place I camped with my mates on Saturday.

Before you even think of it, I was perfectly sober at the time and having decided to venture to the water's edge and try and spot some marron or fishies it was over the rocks.

I didn't get far when I stepped on a rock which moved and took me down with it. Double ouch.

The indignity of it all, and what made it worse, or better, was that my mates nearly did themselves an injury laughing at my expense. True buddies they are!

Did the camping trip end by them racing me to medical attention, are you freakin' serious?

We'd driven for miles and even packed garlic prawns as entrée to chicken drumsticks or nasi goreng for mains and then choc cake for dessert. Leave? Even if I had suggested it they'd have laughed even more.

Nah, I'm tough ish but there is another problem people are not laughing about, and that is our Wednesday Wheelie Bin Walk to Busselton for Give Me Five For Kids and I'm supposed to be walking 10kms!

I'm open for suggestions. Not from my mates, they're hopeless.