'Razor' Ray Chamberlain Reveals His Favourite Players To Umpire

'They're peerless!'

'Razor' Ray Chamberlain Reveals His Favourite Players To Umpire Image: Getty

AFL umpire 'Razor' Ray Chamberlain joined Jay Clark and Joey Montagna on Dead Set Legends on Saturday for a cracking interview.

Of course, the boys had to quiz him on his favourite players ever to umpire.

'Razor' Ray's umpired in the AFL for 15 years, but he was quick to note two now-retired players who were "peerless".


"My favourites, and they're peerless, are the brothers Cornes," he laughed.

"Even now you’ll walk into a change room or whatever pre-match and Chad’ll be doing 1,000 chin-ups or something like that.

"He’s always happy to see me. I always enjoy the times that I get to be involved with the Cornes boys. They’re funny lads and got good senses of humour."

Later he named his favourite ever player to watch on the field - one of Triple M's own - who he labelled a "rockstar".



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