Paul Roos Clips The Suns Over Their Treatment Of Rodney Eade

"I don't buy it"

Paul Roos Clips The Suns Over Their Treatment Of Rodney Eade

Champion player and premiership winning coach Paul Roos joined the Rush Hour on Triple M Adelaide to speak on today's sacking of Rodney Eade by the Gold Coast Suns.


Roos revealed to hosts Jars and Louie that he didn't buy the Suns' excuse for parting ways with the veteran coach, saying that firing a coach simply on "wins and losses" is too simple of an approach and that there are factors out of a coaches control that affect their win/loss ratio.


"I just didn't like the explanation," Roos told Triple M.


"It's as simple as win/loss' - I don't think so.


"Because if you're assessing Rocket purely on win/loss you have to be assessing the number of injuries they had."




Roos also had a message for other clubs who may be thinking about parting ways with their coach in the near future.


"I think that all the administrators out've got to have greater understanding," Roos said.


"You can't just simply come to a press conference and say, 'Oh well, it's as simple as that. It's a win loss business, he hasn't won enough games'.


"If you're doing that then you don't have a real good understanding of your own football club, or the culture that exists in AFL football.


"Don't just say to us after Rodney's had three really tough years with injuries that it's as simple as win/loss.


"I don't buy it."