Can You Guess The Secret Sound?

The Sound That Has The Border Stumped

Can You Guess The Secret Sound?

Can You Guess The Border's Secret Sound?

Is it a golf ball dropping on the ground? Is it tapping a microphone?

It could be anything!

We'll play The Secret Sound during breakfast with Lu & Matt and across your workday on The Border’s 105.7 Triple M.

To win the cash prize all thanks to Harvey Norman, you just have to get it right.

INCORRECT guesses so far:

1) Dart going into a Dart board

2) Tapping the microphone

3) Making a noise with your mouth

4) Replacing a fuse

5) Dropping a shoe

6) Shutting a car door

7) Tapping a pen on a notepad

8) Opening a flip mobile phone

9) Chopping wood with an axe

10) Clapping with gloves on

11) Opening a Pop-Top lid

12) Golf ball dropping onto tiles

13) Pinching the end of a balloon

14) Tapping a touch light

15) A needling going onto a record player

16) Putting a tissue box on the bench

17) Magnetic button on a mobile phone case

18) Second hand ticking on a watch

19) Hitting 2 fingers on the side of a desk

20) Dropping a dart


Have your guess by calling 13 27 10 with Lu & Matt in the mornings and Pip across your workday on The Border's 105.7 Triple M!