Wayne Carey Declares Plans For A 'Massive, Massive Bomb' On The Saturday Rub

This is huge

Wayne Carey Declares Plans For A 'Massive, Massive Bomb' On The Saturday Rub

(Image: Triple M)

Triple M's Wayne Carey stopped by The Rush Hour this afternoon - and JBBilly immediately addressed a story from the weekend.

"It is opportune that he’s here," Brayshaw started.

"We have been talking about Saturday night - 'the photo' that has been circulating around the electronic media circles - about a member of our team and a piece of behaviour that none of us can quite believe."

Duck started explaining 'the incident', making sure to not mention any names.

"Can you believe this guy," Carey said.

"It’s not a puzzle - there’s only 4 of us on The Saturday Rub. One of us wasn’t there last Saturday; one of us wasn’t there for Friday night footy.

"But he was then seen somewhere else.

"It will all be revealed - this is going to be a massive, massive bomb. It will be dropped on Saturday," he said.

The member of The Saturday Rub in question will allegedly have a lot to answer to once all is revealed this weekend, Duck explained:

"This is a guy that has given it to you, he has given it to me - he has given it to everybody in the industry - to say that doing ‘this’ would be unacceptable behaviour.

"The fact that he’s done it… it’s gonna be a massive Saturday."

Confused? Make sure you tune into Triple M on Saturday from midday as the team from The Rub get to the bottom of this hugely controversial incident.

Listen to the chat here: