Red Card Debate: BT v JB, Billy And Damo!

It’s three against one!

Red Card Debate: BT v JB, Billy And Damo!

Triple M Footy’s Brian Taylor has passionately disagreed with colleagues James Brayshaw, Billy Brownless and Damian Barrett over their suggestion that a red card system should be introduced to the AFL.

JB, Billy and Damo believe that in light of the Andrew Gaff-Andrew Brayshaw and Jeremy Cameron-Harris Andrews incidents this year, that in the name of fairness, the offending player should be sent off in severe incidents.

The trio told Triple M’s Rush Hour that their main concern was if a superstar like Dustin Martin or Patrick Dangerfield was knocked out cold in the opening moments of a grand final. 

“All hell would break loose” in that scenario according to JB. 

But BT disagreed saying that the lines would be “blurred” if a red card was introduced and if a player who got punched, but didn’t get knocked out, sought retribution and then got red-carded himself.

“Some people have a glass jaw and some don’t, some injure easier than others,” BT said. 

“It is a medical fact that some boxers can sustain more punishment -  that is the same for human beings out there.”