Dean Brogan Clips Port Adelaide's Trade Period

'Are they doing it the right way?'

Dean Brogan Clips Port Adelaide's Trade Period (Image: Getty)

Dean Brogan has clipped former club Port Adelaide for their off-season recruitment, saying they've cost themselves too much in the draft to secure more experienced players.

The Power recruited Tom Rockliff, Steven Motlop and Jack Watts, but it came at the cost of a decent hand in this year's draft.

Rockliff and Motlop were free agents but, after trading this year's first-round pick to Brisbane in last year's trade period and giving up pick 31 for Watts, they will enter the draft at pick 46 this year.

Brogan told Triple M's Dead Set Legends he was a little concerned for his former club costing themselves the opportunity to pick up some youth.

"It's been an interesting couple of months for Port Adelaide," he said.

"I'm a bit concerned about all the players they've gone out and look at their draft picks in the draft, they don’t have a pick until 46, so they’re not going to rejuvenate their list with youth.

"They’ve picked up a couple of players in Trengove, Watts and McKenzie, and I don't think it's going to stop there - there's whispers going around that Lindsay Thomas (will come) and maybe (Jake) Batchelor from Richmond.

"They are loading up for the last day in September - which they should - but are they doing it the right way? 

"I would say no."

Brogan said it's too risky to cost yourself the opportunity to continue picking up talented youth.

"They don't have a pick until pick 46. You have to have a vision of what's going to happen in a year or two, you have to go to the draft every year. (But) pick 46 is like throwing darts at a dart board," he told Triple M.

"They've got pick 46, 49 and then in the 50s, which they probably won't even use.

"They've done well with Rockliff and they've done well with Motlop...but what's it going to be at the expense of?"