GWS Coach Leon Cameron Responds To Heath Shaw's Sledge

"It was disappointing"

GWS Coach Leon Cameron Responds To Heath Shaw's Sledge

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GWS coach Leon Cameron has said the club is "disappointed" with Heath Shaw over last night's controversial sledge.

Shaw was overheard calling Sydney forward Tom Papley a "f**king retard" by umpire microphones last night, which he apologised for on Sunday morning.

Cameron said Shaw was genuinely apologetic for the incident.

"It was disappointing," he said.

"As we know, we had the statement this morning. Heath's genuinely remorseful about what happened.

"We understand that these things happen in the game - we've all played the game and know that emotions can tip over the edge at times.

"Heath's such a competitor so he is really flat about it."

Cameron said the club was disappointed with the incident.

"We're disappointed as a footy club, you don't want that to be the headline act after a pretty solid performance on the field as well," he said.

"I think people know that Heath plays on the edge, which is what we like about him.

"His last three or four years at the Giants have been absolutely fantastic, in terms of what he's done on the footy field for us and also off the field.

"I don't want him to be judged on one or two incidents Obviously yesterday wasn't ideal and I'm sure Heath will be on the front foot in terms of where this leads to in terms of (following) up.

"He's a genuine person and we all make mistakes. What I do like about what he does and goes about it is he gets on the front foot, and if he has made a mistake he owns up to it."