No Back Sponsor "A Worry" For Suns, Demons

JB is concerned

No Back Sponsor "A Worry" For Suns, Demons

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Former North Melbourne chairman James Brayshaw has described the fact that both Gold Coast and Melbourne still do not have a back-of-jumper sponsor as “a worry”.

Since 1995, each team in the AFL has had a sponsor on the back of their jumpers as well as the front.

In 1994, only two teams – Carlton and Adelaide – didn’t have sponsors on either side of their jumpers.

Given we’re heading into Round 8 of the 2017 season, JB expressed his concern that two clubs, especially the Suns, are still without a sponsor on the back of their jumpers.

“I think it’s the first time I can remember that forever,” JB told Triple M’s Rush Hour during the Midweek Rub.

“I think Melbourne are on the right track and will fix that pretty quickly but for the Gold Coast to be one of these expansion new clubs injected into a market and to be this deep into a season without a major sponsor is a concern.”

Damian Barrett added that Carlton were also experiencing sponsorship troubles despite their bright start to 2017.

“Carlton’s got major issues with its major sponsor at the moment too with finances relating to it,” Damo said.

“They’re locked into the deal being done for the year but in terms of getting the full freight out of it, they’re in a real spot of bother.”