Carey: Games Shouldn't Be Played In Ballarat

'Roosy was nodding off during the game!'

Carey: Games Shouldn't Be Played In Ballarat Image credit: AAP

Triple M Footy’s Wayne Carey does not think that regular season AFL games should be played in Ballarat.

The Bulldogs faced off against Port Adelaide on Sunday in an uninspiring match at Mars Stadium in the regional Victorian town. 

The North Melbourne legend has no issue with pre-season games being played in regional centres, but he told Triple M’s Rush Hour that the AFL has “gone past” playing premiership games in small towns.

“‘Roosy’ (Paul Roos) and I did the game yesterday ... he was nodding off during the game in the third term,” Carey laughed.

“I thought he might have been deep in meditation but he was actually nodding off. 

“By the way, why are we playing games in Ballarat? We had a stadium here (in Melbourne) empty and we’re playing games in Ballarat.

“I’m all for country folk having a look but you wouldn’t see the New England Patriots playing on some back oval in New York or something.

“It was just a problem, full stop. I think our game has gone that far past playing games like that during a season. I’m all for pre-season so the fans can get there and I think that’s great for the community, but not during the season.”