Damo: Melbourne Can’t Be Trusted

“I thought we were beyond this”

Damo: Melbourne Can’t Be Trusted Getty Images

Triple M Footy’s Damian Barrett believes Melbourne are back to being a team that cannot be trusted following their dismal performance against Hawthorn on Sunday at the MCG.

The Demons started the game brightly and led by 21 points midway through the first quarter.

But they could only manage one goal after quarter-time, as the Hawks booted 17 of the last 19 goals to win by 67 points.

“Fifteen goals to one after quarter-time - I thought we were beyond this with Melbourne,” Damo told Triple M’s Rush Hour on Monday.

“I thought they had moved themselves out of that patch where we just didn’t know what they were going to produce.

“And yet here we are four games into this season and, I think unfortunately for Melbourne supporters, they’re back where they don’t want them to be in that zone where they just can’t be trusted.

“One goal after quarter-time – I cannot get my head around that given how well they started the game and their good players having the contribution to that point.”

James Brayshaw was bemused by the Demons’ performance.

“You do start to look at this particular team and you think how can you win contested (possessions) by 14, so that means you’re winning the footy, your territory battle is even and yet be that far back on the scoreboard,” JB said. “How does that happen?”