Hodges Backs Meninga's Life-Time Ban Plan

Harsher penalties required

Hodges Backs Meninga's Life-Time Ban Plan

Image: sportingnews.com

Queensland NRL favourite Justin Hodges has weighed-in on the drugs scandal that has rocked the NRL this week.

Former Titans co-captain Kevin Procter has been stood down from playing, and will face the squad today after alleged cocaine use in Canberra last weekend with Hodges admitting harsher penalties are required.

"I think he's (Meninga) on the money. I think we need to get a little tougher. Over the last week we've seen 4-6 people involved in Rugby League allegedly involved with the possession of cocaine," he said. 

"It's not a good look for the game, we want these young kids to watch these stars and try to emulate what that do, and try to play football."

"I think we do have to take a tougher stance."

"If they get a strike one, then we obviously ban them."

"We've got to clean our game up."

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