Brad Fittler Labels Aaron Woods' Behaviour A "Disgrace"

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Brad Fittler Labels Aaron Woods' Behaviour A "Disgrace"

Brad Fittler has blown up regarding Aaron Woods' handling of his move to the Bulldogs, after the Tigers captain was spotted meeting withe several Bulldogs players last week.

This photo surfaced before news had broken regarding Woods' intentions to move to Canterbury next year, and comes ahead of today's clash between the Tigers and the Bulldogs.

“Seeing Aaron Woods having lunch with Bulldogs players in the week — I’m really looking forward to asking Ivan Cleary how he felt when he saw the photo because it’s nearly a disgrace, well it is a disgrace,” Fittler said on the Sunday Footy Show.

“The team he’s playing next week and having lunch with them — I really can’t stomach that.”

The Grill Team's Matty Johns echoed this sentiment on The Late Show on Thursday.

“No way, not when you’re negotiating with that club and that club is still under the assumption you may stay there (at the Tigers) and you’re playing that club this week,” Matty said.

“They could have at least gone somewhere less public, be a little discreet ... come on.”