Explosive Claims Regarding Jarryd Hayne And Neil Henry

Not happy.

Explosive Claims Regarding Jarryd Hayne And Neil Henry

Reports have emerged that Titans coach Neil Henry did not want Jarryd Hayne to sign with the club.

Speaking on Fox Sports' NRL 360, Triple M's Paul Kent said that the decision to ink Hayne on for that multi-million dollar deal last season was driven by the Titans board.

Henry was reportedly against the idea as it conflicted with the manner that he likes to structure his team around the salary cap.

The Daily Telegraph's Phil Rothfield has supported this claim, saying that Henry prefers to coach with a 'no frills' roster based on even talent spread across the squad.

“So if the board’s going to call Neil Henry in and ask him for a ‘please explain’ about winning or losing the dressing room, about performance, then they have to then tell the coach why they insisted he had to take this player," Kent said.

“He didn’t want him there because for Neil it was about managing the salary cap, there was too much money being put into one player for the salary cap, the Gold Coast, which we all celebrated at the time, because they went out and they said from a marketing point-of-view he was going to bring ‘X’ number of dollars to the club, that doesn’t help Neil Henry.

“It’s not working because his board said, we’ve got this guy here, we’re going to take him here, we’re going to pay him a fortune to play here and suddenly everything Neil Henry had planned for that side is now out of shape."