NRL's 6 Cheapest Shots

Triple M Sunday NRL report

NRL's 6 Cheapest Shots

After a weekend of controversy - particularly regarding George Burgess' elbow on Mitch Barnett - Triple M Sunday NRL has investigated the six cheapest shots in rugby league. Listen to the full report below.

1. 1970 Sattler's broken jaw

"John Sattler was KO'd and had his jaw broken by John Bucknall," Triple M's Ryan Girdler said.


2. 1983 State of Origin

Les Boyd took on Darryl Brohman.

"You've gotta look for the silver lining in these things - it gave Darryl Brohman a career," Triple M's Paul Kent said.


3. 1987 Steve Linnane's Eye gouge on Greg Alexander

"This is around the time that the game said enough is enough with foul play," Kenty said.

"He had beautiful eyes and Linnane loved his eyelashes and thought 'I'm going to take a few of those home with me'.

"It was a line in the sand moment for the game when they decided this sort of stuff can't go on any longer."

4. 2001 "Stinky Finger"

"There was a lot of pressure on players to control the ruck and the speed of the play the ball," Triple M's Gorden Tallis said.

"So everybody would wrestle and do all those moves.

"So Hopoate that there was a better way of doing it.

"He just put the finger in the blurter and the player would just go like starfish - it would just shock them that much that it would add two or three seconds to the play the ball."

Image: @ddowza

5. 2004 Danny Williams king hit Mark O'Neill

"He got hit without looking," Tallis said.

"It was sick," Girds said.


6. 2005 Hopoate's elbow 

"On Keith Galloway. I think it was at Brookvale Oval when Hoppa races out of the line," Tallis said.


Listen to the full report below for some other (dis)honourable mentions.