Paul Gallen's Startling Confession

"You know how hard I've done it"

Paul Gallen's Startling Confession

Image: Getty Images 

It's been reported by @9NewsSydney that the ASADA scandal took a heavy toll on Paul Gallen, with the captain hitting rock bottom and having "dark thoughts".

"You know how hard I've done it," Gal told Danny Weidler. See the video below.

"A few people here, including (Sharks head trainer) Mark Noakes probably saved me one night.

"It was tough times for all those years. It was hard and I don't want to go back there now."

"He was in a pretty bad way there at the height of the ASADA scandal," Noakes said.

"One night - I've never seen the bloke so rock bottom,

"I went around there and had to stay with him for quite some time. 

"I don't want to say what he said, but I've never seen a guy that low before."

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