Reports The Warriors Could Lose ANOTHER Key Playmaker

This would be HUGE

Reports The Warriors Could Lose ANOTHER Key Playmaker

Image: @RugbyLeagueFeed

There may be a surprising ramification extending from Kieran Foran's predicted move back to Australia, with Triple M's Paul Kent saying that Shaun Johnson could end up also  moving across the ditch.

Johnson is one of the many stars off-contract at the end of the year, and while there have been reports that he's close to re-signing with the Warriors, it remains to be seen how the situation ends up panning out.

"The word is that he's been so happy playing alongside a player like Kieran Foran who does a lot of the work that we've always wanted out of Shaun Johnson but he's not capable of providing," Kenty said.

"If Kieran leaves the Warriors and comes back to Australia - which he willl - Johnson is considering going into the market where he can go to a club where he could also find a player who could complement his playing style.

"Melbourne are in the market now because they want a quality halfback."

In terms of the asking price, Kenty admitted that making the move could hit Johnson in the wallet, with more conservative offers a likely result from heading to Australia.

"I think he's worth $1 million a year in the Warriors because he's a home-grown talent and he's a big talent in New Zealand, but in the Australian market he's not worth $1 million a year.

"He's got talent as a player, but he's not worth that as a player.

"To pay that to a player, in my opinion he has to have two things: he has to be the difference between you going all the way to a grand final, and secondly he has got to be a player who can attract other players. So you want a player like Johnathan Thurston or Cameron Smith."