Simona's Ex-Girlfriend Has Made More Explosive Claims

Responds to Simona's tell-all interview

Simona's Ex-Girlfriend Has Made More Explosive Claims

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Tim Simona's ex-girlfriend Jaya Taki was largely the reason that the whole Simona saga was exposed, after approaching the NRL integrity unit regarding Simona's betting.

In an interview that will air in full on Nine News tonight, Ms Taki said that Simona allegedly went out partying the weekend after she had an abortion and tried to pick up one of her friends, according to

"I told the truth to the NRL because I was sick of the lies, the head games, the constant manipulation, the hundreds (literally) of women and the daily abuse. I was sick of him dumping responsibility on me every time we got in trouble," Ms Taki said.

"He even told me the reason the Tigers wanted him to leave due to the salary cap [before this came out] was because of me.

"He literally told me [Tigers coach] Jason Taylor said he was bad for the Wests Tigers culture and Tim blamed it on me. I was always his scapegoat and I am sick of it.

"So, no, I won't sit here and be labelled some jealous ex-lover because it suits a stereotype. I stood up for myself against the abuse he put me through. I ended a bitter and toxic relationship by coming forward because I guarantee if I didn't, we would still be doing it."

According to, Ms Taki sent a detailed email regarding lies Simona allegedly told in his "tell-all" interview that made headlines last weekend. 

More to follow.