The Burgess Academy

Keep your eyes peeled.

The Burgess Academy

Sam Burgess of Rabbitohs Photo: Getty Images

Tough and honest as they come, Sam Burgess is the last player who’d stoop to acting for benefits on the field. But away from the paddock it’s a different story, with an acting cameo very much on his radar. 

Since the Englishman returned from his ill-fated switch to rugby late last year, television networks have been trying to sign him up. Burgess took his time over the decision, which was only made a few weeks ago.

He also consulted closely with his biggest supporter – Rabbitohs co-owner Russell Crowe, who knows a thing or two about the acting caper. 


Negotiations with at least one network involved a role in a popular soapie – and it ain’t East Enders.

Word has it that Crowe was keen to be very hands on in whatever role Burgess was given.

So keep your eyes peeled for Big Sam to make another switch in the near future.

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