The Reason The Bulldogs Want To Keep Des Hasler

It's all about who you know

The Reason The Bulldogs Want To Keep Des Hasler

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There's talk that there is extra motivation for the Bulldogs to keep coach Des Hasler on board, with an emphasis on a certain star he could lure to the club.

According to, the link with Kieran Foran is incentivising prolonging Des' stay, with the coach up currently in the middle of a contract negotiation.

While there were crisis meetings (that have since been denied by Hasler), the club is yet to make a decision on his place at the helm of the Bulldogs in the future.

However, after reportedly advising five-eighth Josh Reynolds that he can look elsewhere for 2018, there's a space for Foran to pop into the side.

Apparently Reynolds' $800, 000 asking price is beyond what the Bulldogs are prepared to offer, and Hasler still has strong links with Foran from their stint at Manly.