Tigers Boss Admits That Money Wasn't What Drove The Players Away

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Tigers Boss Admits That Money Wasn't What Drove The Players Away

Tigers' General Football manager Kelly Egan conceded that the loss of Aaron Woods, James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses was not necessarily a result of big dollars elsewhere, with Egan saying on Triple M Sunday NRL that the offers to the Tigers stars were lucrative and competitive. Listen to the full report below.

"As a player you want to do the best for yourself and as a club it need to do the best for itself," Egan said.

"But the offers that were tabled were substantial and they were well and truly at the top of the market with regard to where those boys sat and how those boys were viewed from an external rugby league point of view.

"For us, we hung our hat on the fact that we're weren't trying to do the wrong thing in terms of trying to stall them from a financial point of view.

"I don't know, I can't explain why it didn't happen earlier, because everything from our side of the fence seemed to suggest that it would be if it was a money thing."

Triple M's Paul Kent mentioned the fact that the Tigers' offer was reportedly well clear of offers that were eventually accepted by the players from rival clubs.

Egan said that while he was unsure that the figures printed in the media were correct, he agreed that it was a concern if proven true.

"I don't know exactly what Mitch (Moses) went to Parramatta for (in terms of the money offer) and it's not really any of my business, but I know that the offers that we put to the boys and their management were really good offers.

"They were offers that represented where they stood and the value that they had in our club at that point in time."