Two More Players Named As Mitchell Pearce Stood Down By Roosters

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Two More Players Named As Mitchell Pearce Stood Down By Roosters

In some more breaking news, there are reports new Roosters recruits Dale Copley and Jayden Nikorima are also being questioned for their involvement in the Mitchell Pearce scandal.

The pair were also seen on the same video as Pearce.

It's understood both players will face officials today.

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Roosters Stand Down Mitchell Pearce

Sydney Roosters Head Coach Trent Robinson has made a brief statement outside the Roosters offices today regarding Mitchell Pearce and his drunken Australia Day behaviour. 

"Sydney Roosters have found Mitchell Pearce's behaviour unacceptable. Stood down till matter is resolved," said Robinson.

"For us, it is between us and the NRL to resolve. We will let you know when that time comes.

"The behaviour was unacceptable. We understand that. We can't accept that and we won't."

Mitchell Pearce was involved in an Australia Day incident that was captured on video. The footage showed a drunk Pearce trying to kiss a woman and also urinating on himself. It also had vision of Pearce in a simulated sex act with a dog.

The clip was apparently filmed by a fellow partygoer.

Trent Robinson on Mitchell Pearce

Video of Trent Robinson


Earlier On Triple M

Mitchell Pearce's gone to ground as the fall-out begins after disturbing footage emerged of his drunken Australia Day antics including a lewd act with a dog.

The Roosters co-captain could be stripped of his title - along with facing a massive fine on top of other penalties to possibly be imposed by the NRL. 

Pearce has been stood down from all training commitments at the Roosters until the NRL club completes its internal investigation into his drunken Australia Day behaviour.