Conor McGregor Completely Shuns A Girl On Instagram


Conor McGregor Completely Shuns A Girl On Instagram

(Image: Instagram)

Imagine the delight you'd feel when Conor McGregor reposts a photo of yours on his official Instagram.

McGregor, the biggest draw in the MMA who is set to fight Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 today, only has a lazy 7.5 million Instagram followers, and attracts a lot of attention.

So imagine the disappointment when you getĀ cropped out of it.

Erin Safran posted this photo of her with McGregor last week.


Sure enough, McGregor found the photo Safran had posted, and he reposted it himself.

Well, part of it.


Yep, that's right - he cropped everyone but himself out of the photo for his own use.

Just to show off his sweater, apparently - he captioned it "gucci mustard".

Safran noticed it too.


McGregor seemingly posted the full photo on Instagram later on, claiming theĀ 

Bit rude, Conor...