Ditts SLAMS Adelaide United

Teed off!

Ditts SLAMS Adelaide United

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Chris Dittmar has slammed Adelaide United for their media management on The Real Football Show this morning.

Talking on the show with Val Migliaccio and Phil Stubbins, Ditts was ready to discuss two “high-profile” Adelaide players getting in a training field bust-up.

Ditts had signposted that the chat was coming on Roo & Ditts For Breakfast on Friday, and then fielded some phone calls from United that had him fuming.

“Adelaide United — and I’m sorry, and they’ll be listening — I think they’ve been a little bit naive,” Ditts said.

“I ended up in quite a heated discussion on the phone with some of their media people, and I said ‘look, please understand that we’ve put a football show on — a soccer show — on Triple M, on a major network called Southern Cross Austereo.

“This game is crying out for coverage in this country and Adelaide United, we are your media partner, we are here to help.

“We are here to be side-by-side with you.”

Ditts was frustrated that United tried to stop them running the story.

“All we’ve said is that two blokes have had a bit of argy-bargy and there was mayhem yesterday,” Ditts said.

“I’ve had all sorts of phone calls, they’ve rung my boss here at Triple M and complained about what we said on air. Can you believe this?

“I’m sitting here to say we are promoting this game on Triple M, whereas prior to this you used to get soccer shows on your church community print media, whatever they’re called.”

Ditts gave an impassioned plea for the Reds to understand what Triple M are trying to do.

“You’re not gonna like this Adelaide United, I understand that,” he said. 

“But please grow up a little bit, please see the light and please see what we’re trying to do here.”

Listen to the entire conversation here: