Voting Has Opened To Find Australia's Best Fish And Chips

The only poll that matters!

Voting Has Opened To Find Australia's Best Fish And Chips Pixabay

In what is arguably one of the most important national polls of our time, voting has opened to determine the very best fish and chips in Australia.

Just like last year, there are two categories to vote for.

  1. The State and/or Territory People's Choice
  2. The Best Judged Fish and Chips

Voting has commenced today, and will remain open for 6 weeks. Voting closes on September 15.

Punters are asked to vote for their fave based on the following criteria:

  • Taste 40%: Does the seafood taste good? Cooking method is key here – using the right approach for the right fish and doing it well to make your seafood sing.
  • Service 30%: Does the service meet customer expectations? Everything from the welcome to the goodbye is important.
  • Choice 10%: Does the menu offer customers options? Different types of fish or seafood; local or imported; cooking methods [grilled, fried, etc.]; and preparations battered, crumbed or natural.
  • Information 10%: Are customers provided with accurate information about the source and qualities of the seafood? The menu must comply with the Australian Fish Names Standard [] and accurately label the seafood’s provenance to a national level, or better.
  • Presentation 10%: Is the store clean and inviting? Is the food packaged to maintain quality?

Make sure you vote for your favourite by visiting the voting site.


Written by: @dantheinternut