Drunk Bloke's Epic NYE Taxi Ride Home Sets Him Back $2800

Then he bailed without paying

Drunk Bloke's Epic NYE Taxi Ride Home Sets Him Back $2800 Taxi Driver

If you thought your taxi home on New Year's Eve was pricier than usual spare a thought for the poor bloke who somehow decided that travelling home through THREE COUNTRIES was a great idea.

The story, which has been picked up from the Oslo police Twitter account and has raised more questions than it answers, claims that a partygoer in Denmark jumped in a cab and told the driver to take him home - to Norway.

That particular journey is a hefty 600km long and would have taken just under seven hours, passing through the glorious countryside of Denmark, Sweden and, eventually, Norway.

While it hasn't been made clear whether the drunk bloke actually wanted to end up in Norway or not, it certainly doesn't sound like it; according to the police, when the unidentified traveller realised he was up for a $2,800 bill, he refused to pay and went inside his house, where cops found him asleep in bed.

To add insult to injury, the furious cabbie's car battery went flat while he was waiting and had to be towed all the way back to Denmark.

Eventually the presumably embarrassed passenger agreed to pay both his fare and the fee for the tow truck.

The whole thing would make slightly more sense if it was an Uber (and since we're relying on Google translate here, it is possible) and the man, after a few too many beers, had accidentally hit his Norwegian home address rather than wherever he was staying in Denmark.

However it happened, it's fair to say that this may be the starkest warning against falling asleep in a taxi we've heard in a long time.