Sydney Driver's Road Rage Bust-Up With Motorcyclists Caught On Dash Cam

The fight broke out in Berowra

Sydney Driver's Road Rage Bust-Up With Motorcyclists Caught On Dash Cam Dash Cam Owners Australia

Another day, another cracking video from Dash Cam Owners Australia.

The Facebook page's latest post shows one driver's road rage bust-up with a pair of motorcyclists after one veers in front of him in the northern Sydney suburb of Berowra.

After swerving to the left it appears that the Nissan X-Trail attempts to retaliate, making a move to cut the riders off by driving in between them.

Being that it's Sydney, though, it's not long before the trio come to a set of traffic lights and the motorcyclist raps on the passenger window, apparently yelling to the driver.

Who, it seems, has had enough; soon after, the man gets out of the car and strides around to the biker, pushing and shoving him before another motorist intervenes.


As with most Dash Cam Owners Australia posts, the video has quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views, with commenters divided about who exactly is to blame.

"I ride my motorcycle more than I drive my car, I know when I see a dick move, and that dumb AF biker just pulled a dick move," one follower wrote. "Hit my car like that and I'd run you AND your bike over."


But it looks like there may be more to the story than meets the eye; the dash cam owner revealed that there was "another part" prior to the posted clip in which "the car nearly hit one of the bikes taking off from the light", something the second motorcyclist seems have confirmed later on Facebook.

"On the way home near Berowra an old guy first cut in front of me... no indicator, then deliberately tried to knock me off my bike at the lights as he didn't like that I had lane split and gone in front of him," a post on the Old Road Information page reads. 

"Next my partner had caught up to me and was now in front of him in one lane and I was in the other... then without warning he sped up and deliberately drive in between us."


The post goes on to detail the fight at the traffic lights, which looks to verify the dash cam owners account of the incident.