AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize all thanks to Cold Front Air Conditioning, you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with AJ, Bridge & Spida here


  1. Ripping sticky tape off a takeaway container
  2. Ripping a piece of paper
  3. Ripping the ball off the Velcro ball game
  4. Ripping off a band aid
  5. Ripping off a post-it note
  6. Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  7. Ripping sporting tape off your skin
  8. Pulling a tissue out
  9. Ripping velcro
  10. Two pieces of velcro
  11. Turning a page of a book
  12. Snippet of the static on TV
  13. Pulling a wax strip
  14. Ripping a lid of a washing box
  15. Striking a match
  16. Using sandpaper on wood
  17. Opening plastic document folder
  18. Ripping tape off tape dispenser
  19. Pressing the steam button on an iron
  20. Pulling a bit of gaffer tape off the carpet
  21. Ripping a piece of paper off a spiral notepad
  22. Ripping off a waxing strip
  23. Ripping masking tape off your body
  24. Ripping a band aid rapper apart
  25. Ripping a wax strip
  26. Tin foil on a serrated edge
  27. Lighting a match
  28. Tiger balm plaster 
  29. Pulling harness strings in
  30. Toothbrush when cleaning your teeth
  31. Blowing into a microphone
  32. Stanley knife cutting through a cardboard box
  33. Leg rope from a surf board getting taken off
  34. Pulling the backing off contact
  35. Ripping a piece of paper
  36. Ripping the plastic bag off at the supermarket 
  37. Pulling sticky tape off the carpet 
  38. Blowing out a candle
  39. Wiping burnt crumbs off your toast with a knife
  40. Stanley knife cutting through a cardboard box
  41. Leg rope from a surf board getting taken off
  42. Pulling the backing off contact
  43. Zipping a backpack
  44. Ripping a piece of glad wrap
  45. Ripping an envelope open with a letter opener
  46. Using hair mousse
  47. Blowing air into a video game
  48. Blowing air into a microphone
  49. Scraping your shoe along the ground
  50. Spreading butter on toast
  51. Tissue getting ripped in half
  52. Velcro strap on a work boot
  53. Ripping tape off a cardboard box
  54. Pulling the laces up on a shoe
  55. Opening a sandwich bag
  56. Taking off the velcro tab of a baby nappy
  57. Static from a radio
  58. Ripping material like cotton to make rags
  59. Keys going into a jar
  60. The gas releasing when you take the fuel cap off
  61. Tearing a rag in half
  62. Ripping up a piece of paper towel
  63. Opening a letter
  64. Undoing the velcro on boardshorts
  65. Ripping off a post it note
  66. Pulling a piece of gaffa tape off the roll
  67. Closing a zip tie or cable tie
  68. Ripping open a band aid packet
  69. Ripping packing tape off a box
  70. Ripping masking tape off a masking tape roll
  71. Putting air in your tyres and releasing it
  72. Ripping wallpaper off
  73. Talking through a walkie talkie and hitting the side button
  74. Removing double sided tape
  75. Tearing off a receipt
  76. Opening a cardboard cereal box for the first time
  77. Peeling off the adhesive on the back of an envelope
  78. Rubbing two pieces of sand paper together
  79. Turning a radio station knob
  80. Ripping a piece of paper towel
  81. The sound when you squirt spray on deodorant
  82. Brushing hair
  83. Pulling a straw out of a takeaway lid
  84. Ripping paper off invoice book
  85. Opening a gassy drink like a soft drink
  86. Tearing the safety strip off chewing gum
  87. Ripping two pieces of velcro apart
  88. Ripping off a band aid
  89. Grating a carrot
  90. Tearing off gladwrap
  91. Bending over and splitting your pants
  92. After having your blood pressure checked releasing the strap from your arm
  93. Scissors cutting hair or moustache
  94. Atomiser Spray
  95. Cutting playing cards
  96. Using a paint brush
  97. Using a letter opener to open an envelope
  98. Ripping a piece of toilet paper off the roll
  99. Automatic air freshener
  100. Ripping a piece of velcro off a bag
  101. Somebody pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  102. Opening a zip lock bag
  103. Brushing lint off clothes with a cloths brush
  104. Striking a match on a match box
  105. Tearing a receipt out of a receipt book
  106. Someone running their fingers over a deck of cards really quick
  107. Opening a packet
  108. Cutting paper with scissors
  109. Pulling out the tape, out of correction tape
  110. Pulling the tab off a disposable nappy
  111. The release at the end after you pump up your tyres
  112. Needle from a record player when it gets placed on the record
  113. Opening a new bottle of vitamins and breaking the seal
  114. Foot sliding on the rubber mats of your car
  115. Non trip stuff on the top of the stairs
  116. Taking off the seal of an envelope
  117. Pulling a key out of a lock
  118. Doing up and undoing a zip
  119. Blowing on a dandelion flower
  120. Sticker being peeled off something
  121. Undoing a pair of board shorts
  122. Open a tub of butter and pull the paper back
  123. Peeling a nappy tab open
  124. Scourer on a frypan
  125. Counting money, flicking the coin onto the counter
  126. Getting up off a leather seat
  127. Some chick waxing
  128. Electric insect zapper
  129. Blowing whiskers out of a razor
  130. Wiping your feet on a front door mat
  131. Ripping off the bin liner
  132. Sharpening a knife
  133. Ripping up a used TAB ticket
  134. A lint brush, brushing down clothing
  135. Opening a drink carton
  136. Dog sneeze
  137. Filing a fingernail
  138. Crossing something off a to do list with a pen
  139. Ripping off the wrapper from a slice of cheese
  140. Ripping off tin foil
  141. Golf player having a practice swing
  142. Taking the seat belt protector off the seat belt
  143. Static on a microphone
  144. Squirt shaving cream
  145. Sound of a camera shutter
  146. Blowing the dust off a CD
  147. Sweeping concrete with a straw broom
  148. Emptying the trash bin on a computer
  149. Photocopying
  150. Using a spatula flipping pancakes or eggs on a BBQ
  151. Ripping up a newspaper
  152. Shuffling two packs of cards together
  153. Nail file on a finger nail
  154. Ripping packing tape
  155. Ripping the label off a coke bottle
  156. Breathing into a microphone
  157. Rip the bottom off the mop
  158. Running a hairbrush through your hair
  159. Pulling sticky tape off a present
  160. Tic Tac being broken
  161. Changing stations on an old transistor radio
  162. Ripping off a piece of material
  163. Pulling two buckets apart
  164. Sound when an email leaves outbox on a computer
  165. Striking a match
  166. Sliding the cutting part of the gladwrap
  167. Ripping a leg rope off a surfboard
  168. Pulling a teabag out of its paper packet
  169. Ripping a piece of gaff tape off the roll
  170. Ripping baking paper
  171. Ripping pants when bending over or sitting down
  172. Lighting a Match
  173. Slipping on a welcome mat
  174. Painting a wall
  175. Striking a pen across a piece of paper
  176. Tearing open an envelope
  177. Opening the velcro on a tummy belt
  178. Someone sniffling
  179. Ripping off a blood pressure arm band
  180. Pulling off a post-it note off the pad
  181. Tearing up carpet
  182. Ripping a tennis ball off a velcro sticky pad
  183. Pouring sugar out of a sugar pouch
  184. Dropping a phone book on a table and letting the pages flip closed
  185. Taking the top off a stubby bottle
  186. Tearing a piece of strapping tape
  187. Tearing a sheet off an A4 paper pad- the old red tape at the tope
  188. Putting a needle on a record player
  189. The sound of squishy toilet seat when you stand up
  190. Ripping the top off a cup-a-soup packet
  191. Hopping off a leather chair
  192. Taking a DVD out of its case
  193. Cutting an apple
  194. Rolling back on a chair
  195. Blowing into a speaker on your mobile
  196. Plugging in an AUX cord
  197. Putting on spray deodorant
  198. Undoing a zip
  199. Slurping a drink
  200. Putting a shovel into wet cement
  201. Blowing a party horn, but the horn is not working
  202. Ripping the tag off a velcro hat
  203. Rip the seal off the top of a coffee cup
  204. Opening or closing a vertical blind, with the blind moving across the track
  205. Unlocking a brief case- the clicking sound
  206. Nasal spray
  207. Opening the back of a trucker hat
  208. Letting air out of a tyre
  209. A microwave dinner
  210. Opening up a fridge
  211. Using a brush to brush dirt into a dustpan
  212. Opening a letter with a letter opener
  213. When you scratch your arms or legs with your nails
  214. Tearing a page off a calendar
  215. Undoing the velcro on the flap of a golf glove
  216. Ripping the Velcro off the annex of a tent
  217. Tearing the bark off a paperbark tree
  218. Dobbo ripping up his misprinted Commonwealth Games tickets
  219. Walking through a spilt drink
  220. Ripping a sticker off clothing
  221. Closing the blinds
  222. Needle going onto a record
  223. Spraying a can of air
  224. Ripping off a calendar month
  225. Opening a freezer door
  226. ripping tape off a parcel through the mail
  227. a tag stuck on a teabag
  228. Scratching Carpet
  229. The static when you change stations on the radio
  230. Pulling wet wipes out of a plastic container
  231. Taking a cap off a tyre and the air comes out
  232. A flyswatter
  233. Pulling a paper towel out of a dispenser on a bathroom
  234. Bottle brush (cleaning out a bottle)
  235. Sliding an office chair across the floor
  236. Breaking kit-kat
  237. Pulling a sticker off your t-shirt
  238. Tearing a garbage bag off a roll
  239. Scraping with a knife a burnt piece of toast
  240. Brushing the fur on your pet
  241. Pulling the chain down on a blind
  242. Sucking liquid through a straw
  243. Ripping the opening strip off a box of alfoil
  244. running a finger over the bristles of a comb
  245. taking a $10 or $20 note out of a wallet
  246. Cleaning shoes leaving the show brush
  247. Brush face
  248. Ripping off a wax strip
  249. Turning a newspaper over
  250. Plugging an AUX cable in
  251. Combing your hair
  252. Pulling two pieces of frozen bread apart
  253. tearing the foil off a box
  254. a pastry brush across a pastry
  255. Unzipping a zip
  256. Nasal Spray
  257. Electric kettle
  258. Cleaning the toilet with a toilet brush
  259. sniffing
  260. Turning page of book
  261. Opening/ Closing blinds
  262. Air compressor
  263. Swiping open a mobile phone screen
  264. Peeling a mandarin
  265. Blowing your nose in a hanky
  266. Ripping a piece of paper
  267. Ripping a velcro strap off a moon boot
  268. leg rope velcro
  269. lint brush
  270. Undoing an umbrella
  271. Running your fingers through $5k worth of notes
  272. Sanding a piece of timber with a manual sander.
  273. Golf club swinging, the sound on the grass
  274. Water spraying out of a water spray bottle
  275. Asthma puffer
  276. Velcro strap on a pair of sneakers
  277. Walking in wet thongs
  278. My last bikini wax
  279. Opening a peter’s drumstick
  280. Fanning paper into the photocopier
  281. Pulling apart post-it notes
  282. Pen swiping along a piece of paper
  283. Tearing a coupon out of the paper
  284. Clapping your hand
  285. Pulling a sheet of sandpaper off the sander
  286. Filing a fingernail
  287. Underarm spray
  288. Changing channels on an old TV
  289. Removing a mop tab
  290. Using a can of spray paint
  291. A lint brush on an item of clothing
  292. Sauce bottle
  293. Pressing a tablet of the packaging
  294. Spray a breath freshener
  295. Peeling an onion
  296. Pushing down a soap dispenser
  297. Peeling the label off a beer bottle
  298. Squirting water out of a high pressure hose
  299. Pulling apart two scratch-its
  300. Slliding to a stop on an ice skating rink
  301. Ripping off a piece of cotton tape
  302. Guilotine cutting
  303. Removing the lid of the paint tin
  304. Ripping gaffer tape off the roll
  305. Brushing your hair
  306. Using a hole puncher
  307. Ripping up a marriage certificate
  308. central locking on a car
  309. separating a fruit section plastic bag
  310. Pulling the plastic bag off the bag roll at the grocery store
  311. Pulling the Polaroid film out of a camera
  312. Ripping the plastic off the newspaper roll
  313. Moving the mouse on the computer
  314. WD40 out of the straw
  315. ripping tape off after the drycleaners
  316. tuning into the radio
  317. Opening a soft drink bottle
  318. Super soaker gun
  319. Scraping a BBQ
  320. Opening a packet of chips
  321. Taking off a helmet
  322. Raffle ticket getting pulled out of a book
  323. Bank card out of an ATM
  324. plastic bag out of a car window
  325. Bus door opening
  326. closing a car window to the top
  327. cocktail umbrella opening
  328. Popping open a bag of chips
  329. Twisting the top off a pepper grinder
  330. A car driving by when the window is down
  331. Foot pump in a portaloo
  332. Creasing a piece of paper with your nail
  333. Pulling apart a laminate sleeve
  334. A nail file on fingernails
  335. Peeling the cover off an iPhone screen
  336. Bending over and ripping your pants
  337. The air gun for tyres
  338. Plugging a mic into an amp
  339. Ripping off gaffa tape
  340. Opening a tin with a ring pull
  341. Pushing air out of a footy pump
  342. Biting into a piece of toast
  343. Sending an email on an iphone
  344. Unwrapping a delivered newspaper
  345. Ripping a tab off a nappy
  346. Ripping off a band aid
  347. Pressing the shaving cream button
  348. Tuning the radio
  349. Ripping a tax dec form off the pad
  350. Putting the switch on a microphone
  351. Tipping a jar of lollies upside down in a glass container
  352. Taking off a fake fingernail
  353. Tyre valve spraying air
  354. Shaking open a bin bag
  355. Tearing a strip off box of cling wrap
  356. Taking a sip of hot coffee
  357. Ripping open a satchel
  358. Using a piece of sandpaper
  359. Dentist squirting tool
  360. Fire up a gas oven
  361. Pulling out a wet wipe
  362. A wetsuit zipper
  363. Changing TV channels with a remote
  364. Twisting up bubble wrap
  365. Trying to clean your boots on the door mat
  366. Holding a ruler on a piece of paper and tearing it
  367. Putting hand cream on your hands
  368. Ripping a hand towel out
  369. RSL Club, swiping the membership card
  370. rubbing dirt off clothes with your hand
  371. Taking off a disposable glove
  372. Taking a banana out of the bunch
  373. motorbike glove side strap velcro
  374. Pulling off or removing a rubber glove
  375. Piece of cloth tape being pulled away from the roll
  376. Tearing a page out of a magazine
  377. Push the steam button on an iron
  378. Putting your finger on your lip and swipe across
  379. Blowing the whiskers out of an electric shaver,
  380. a hand across a sheet of paper
  381. Blowing air through your fingers
  382. Using a nail file
  383. Taking off a gardening glove
  384. Removing fluff from clothing with masking tape around a finger
  385. Opening the velcro on boxing gloves
  386. Tearing a banana of a hand of bananas
  387. Rustling a deck of cards
  388. Opening a glass door of an apartment
  389. Holding your hands against your face and blowing sharply into your fingernails
  390. Blowing your nose
  391. Undoing velcro on a golf glove
  392. Cleaning your ring by blowing dust off it
  393. Dusting something off your hand
  394. Opening a letter with a letter opener
  395. Pulling out disposable gloves
  396. Waxing your hairy hand
  397. Taking your belt out from the straps
  398. Flicking something off with your thumb and forefinger
  399. Foam out of a hand-soap dispenser
  400. Nasal Spray
  401. Pulling a dart out of a dart board
  402. Glass being cut by a diamond tip
  403. Blowing into a tube
  404. Putting your hand under a hand dryer
  405. Slipping a ring off your finger
  406. Tearing the docket off an eftpos machine
  407. Peeling adhesive strip off an envelope
  408. Swinging a golf club
  409. Blowing away smoke from a toy hand gun
  410. Undoing velcro on a gardening glove
  411. Hand of a clocking moving forward
  412. Needle on a record player being scratched on a record
  413. Scratching a nail on a material couch
  414. Brushing a knot out of your hair
  415. Automatic paper towel dispenser
  416. Ripping garbage bag back off the roll
  417. Lighting a lighter
  418. Scratching your back with a bamboo scratch holder
  419. Flicking a coin
  420. Your hand rubbing on the body
  421. Scratching the palm of your hand with your nail
  422. Turning on a gas bottle with your hand
  423. The hand on a battery driven clock
  424. Undoing a wrist watch
  425. Taking a swipe with a disposable shaver
  426. Running your hand across a computer keyboard
  427. The grip where you pull the tennis ball off
  428. Pulling a latex glove off your hand
  429. Husking a corn
  430. Scratching your back with a bamboo scratcher
  431. Flicking a coin
  432. Your hand rubbing on the body
  433. Scratching the palm of your hand with your nail
  434. Turning on a gas bottle with your hand
  435. The hand on a battery driven clock
  436. Rubbing your hands together
  437. Blood pressure velcro off your arm
  438. Someone rubbing their microphone across their shirt
  439. Clicking your fingers together without the click
  440. Tearing open a tea bag
  441. Taking the sleeve out of a cd cover
  442. Peeling a banana off a hand of bananas
  443. Taking off a golf glove
  444. Foaming hand wash
  445. Opening a bottle of soda water
  446. Taking a tissue out of a tissue box
  447. A handbrake being pulled off
  448. Bookmark out of a diary
  449. Putting in/pulling out a knife from a scarab
  450. Resetting a speedometer
  451. Using a coffee filter pod and putting it on and off the element
  452. Sticky tape around your hand
  453. Something stuck on a hairy hand
  454. Ripping a band-aid off the back of your hand
  455. Hand of a clock ticking over
  456. Pressing down the power button on your iphone
  457. Peeling a sticker off a piece of fruit
  458. Velcro on a stubby holder
  459. Trying to crack a whip
  460. Scratching your head with your hand
  461. Changing stations on your radio
  462. Blowing the dust off a camera lens
  463. Notch on the back of a wall clock
  464. Ripping/ pulling medical tape
  465. Blowing sand off your watch
  466. Soap hand dispenser
  467. Using your hand to pull out a knife sharpening case
  468. Taking a ring lid of a can of drink
  469. Second hand of a watch clicking over
  470. Old fashioned letter opener, using your hand
  471. Roll of material in Spotlight- when they cut with scissors then tear
  472. Riggers glove the velcro
  473. Dragging something along pebblecrete
  474. Blowing out a match
  475. Squeezing air out of a sports bottle
  476. Ripping material with your hands
  477. Scraping your fingernail with another fingernail
  478. Using an asthma puffer
  479. Hand sanding a piece of wood
  480. Wind your window up in the car
  481. Sound of a razor going through your hair
  482. Attempting to whistle with fingers
  483. Dealing a card
  484. Sticky tape off hand
  485. Changing the bezzle on a divers watch
  486. Blowing dust off a clock
  487. Hand of a clock
  488. Painting your fingernails and blowing them to dry
  489. Velcro on a wrist watch strap
  490. Palm of your hands swiping together
  491. Rubbing hands to make the sound
  492. Taking off a wrist support
  493. Slurping water out of your hand
  494. Plastic credit card pulled out a plastic sleeve
  495. Support gloves, ripping the velcro off
  496. Sliding a ribbon across the page of a diary open
  497. Someone opening a guitar string packet
  498. Rubbing off dust from a piece of paper
  499. Putting your hands in the dryer
  500. A nail brush
  501. Writing on a piece of paper really fast
  502. Baking paper on a serrated edge
  503. Sitting down quickly on a beanbag
  504. Cleaning an apple watch
  505. Lighting a cigarette lighter
  506. Wrapping your fingers with sticky tape and getting wool off your clothes
  507. The velcro from the leg rope from a surfboard
  508. Using your hand to brush a bit of lint off
  509. Running hands through scalp
  510. Tearing paper with a ruler
  511. Paper towel out of dispenser
  512. Ripping toilet paper
  513. Ripping a babies nappy tab
  514. Pulling up a hand brake
  515. Voice recording on your iPhone and you swipe your hand over the microphone
  516. Fingernail scraping vinyl
  517. Hand a long a bench quickly
  518. Hand brake on a bike
  519. Doing a U-turn in the car
  520. Deck of cards halved and shuffling together
  521. Someone painting their fingernail with the brush going up their nail
  522. Pulling a cord on a vertical blind to open
  523. Rubbing your hands together with exfoliating gloves
  524. Pulling out rubber or surgical gloves from their box
  525. Blowing nose into a tissue using your hand
  526. Banana off a hand of bananas
  527. Spraying an old school perfume bottle
  528. Barber sharpening a blade
  529. Window wipers in the car
  530. Putting your hand up on an unshaved face
  531. Window wipers in the car
  532. Liquid soap dispenser
  533. Peeling an unripe banana
  534. Swipe an app on your phone
  535. Cracking open a stubby
  536. Cash out of an ATM
  537. Blowing into cupped hands
  538. Opening a tea bag
  539. Using a hand saw
  540. Taking off a pair of boxing gloves
  541. Biting an apple
  542. Rubbing your hand along your jeans
  543. The tick of a clock hand
  544. Sandpaper across hand
  545. Sticky tape off the roll
  546. Cleaning the fluff off a vinyl needle
  547. Scraping a credit card across the back of your hand
  548. Removing a weight lifting glove
  549. Putting a needle on the record player
  550. Zip tie being tightened
  551. Putting wax on a surfboard
  552. Drawing down a line on a piece of paper using a ruler
  553. Flicking your fingernail along a car door
  554. Rubbing palms together to signal ‘gone’
  555. Old Style credit card machine
  556. Ripping off a name label
  557. Picking a piece of brown paper bag
  558. Pulling out a rollie paper to roll a cigarette
  559. Undoing your board shorts
  560. Pulling apart hook and loop fastener
  561. Flicking a rubber band with your hand onto your wrist
  562. Scratching your nail on the wall
  563. Old school payslip
  564. Sliding curtains across
  565. Pulling a disposable cup out of the dispenser of a water fountain
  566. Wiping your hand across a plastic table
  567. Throwing a dart into a dart board
  568. Sharpening the blade of a hand saw
  569. Ripping a piece of sandpaper
  570. Clock hands
  571. Using a squeedgie
  572. Ripping off a band aid
  573. Pulling a surgical glove out of a packet
  574. Dropping a venetian blind
  575. Putting a face mask on and peeling it off
  576. Hand along a steering wheel
  577. Ripping up a lotto ticket
  578. Slurping a drink off table
  579. Flicking a tally ho paper out of a packet
  580. Some bark being ripped from a tree
  581. Wiping a knife across a chopping board
  582. Undoing a pair of sandshoe laces quickly
  583. Clasping your hands together and the sound of interlocking your fingers
  584. Hand held air pump
  585. Opening an envelope with a letter opener
  586. Peeling the sticky off and envelope
  587. Opening a packet of chewing gum
  588. Pulling a wet wipe out of a container
  589. Pulling a dishwashing glove off your hand
  590. Using a UFH radio pushing the button
  591. Swiping a club card, pulling out the ticket
  592. Sucking something up with the vaccum cleaner
  593. Ripping masking tape off the back of your hand
  594. Hand through stubble
  595. Pulling off a rubber glove
  596. Pulling the ring tab off a UHT milk
  597. Adventure Park Velcro Suit Fly Wall
  598. Running fingernails down your fingerprint
  599. Drawing a tick with a permanent marker
  600. Velcro grip pad
  601. Fingernail across palm of hand
  602. Blowing into cupped hands
  603. Poking a hole through the foil of a new coffee jar
  604. Sniffing your hand
  605. Picking up a plastic bag by the handles
  606. Someone sharpening a knife with a piece of steel
  607. When the big hand on the clock goes to the minute mark
  608. Digging in the sand with a hand spade
  609. Undoing a wetsuit
  610. Blowing into your hands and pushing them across your face
  611. Fitness tracker
  612. Someone using hairspray
  613. Using a lint brush
  614. Ripping the toilet paper off the roll
  615. Tearing the top off a tea bag before you dunk it
  616. Curling ribbon with a pair of scissors
  617. Brushing your teeth
  618. Taking the lid off a roll-on deodorant
  619. Spraying air freshener after going to the dunny
  620. Opening the curtains in the morning
  621. Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush
  622. Spraying cologne on your wrist
  623. Pulling the nappy tab off a nappy
  624. Buttering toast
  625. Tissue dispenser
  626. Pulling open a headband
  627. Tearing open a sugar sachet
  628. The sound when you're making your bed in the morning, scraping your fingers across the doona cover
  629. Buttering an english muffin
  630. A toaster
  631. Grabbing the seatbelt in the car and the buckle
  632. Shaving your face in the morning
  633. Taking the protective layer off a coffee jar
  634. Rubbing your hand against the sheets on your bed
  635. Scraping your burnt toast off
  636. Biting into a piece of toast
  637. Slurping the froth off a coffee
  638. Peeling the skin off a banana
  639. Mixer tap
  640. Using the nozzle of a toothpaste tube
  641. Normal piece of toilet paper
  642. Straightening the bed linen
  643. Taking off your sleeping mask
  644. Teaspoon of coffee
  645. Tearing a coupon out of the newspaper
  646. Scrunching a Weet-bix into the bowl
  647. Blowing your nose into your hands in the shower
  648. Opening the fridge door
  649. Turning the shower on/off
  650. Lifting the lever off the coffee machine
  651. Unplugging a mobile phone
  652. Ripping a sugar sachet to put in your coffee
  653. Using the pump off a deodorant bottle
  654. Using your hand to press the button on the electric kettle
  655. Blowing one nostril
  656. Using the frother or steamer on a coffee machine
  657. Pulling your phone off charge in the morning
  658. Breaking the seal when opening a barocca packet
  659. Thumb across your toothbrush
  660. Ripping the doona cover off
  661. Tearing aluminium seal off a coffee tin
  662. Drying yourself with a towel after a shower
  663. Drying your hands with paper towel
  664. Waxing strips
  665. Velcro on golf gloves
  666. Shaving cream into your hand
  667. Opening a kids cooler bag
  668. Opening a tea bag satchel
  669. The sound of a steaming wand
  670. The whoosh coming out when you open a jar of coffee
  671. When you rinse your toothbrush and the bristles flick
  672. Pulling back blinds or curtains
  673. Split in your fingernail - tearing the rest of your fingernail off
  674. sliding your hand underneath a breakfast box to open the flap
  675. Digging a teaspoon into coffee grains
  676. Pulling up/down your zipper
  677. Opening a packet of microwave porridge