The Triple M BIG BOX

What's in the box?

The Triple M BIG BOX

Triple M’s Big Box is a simple concept -
We have one big box
Inside that big box we’ve hidden an item
If you are the first person to correctly guess what’s in the box you win $3000 cash!!!!



1. Some people use this in their job

2. It ONLY does one thing! 


What's not in the box: (Guesses so far)

1. A Diary - Sarah from Mackay
2. A Vacuum Cleaner - Franz from Mackay

3. Pen - Don from Mackay

4. A Wooden Spoon - Chantelle from Mackay

5. A Claw Hammer - Jeff from Mackay

6. A Jackhammer - Kirsten from Sarina

7. A ThermoMix - Dylan from Rural View

8. Blu tac - From Ange in Andergrove


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